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Suicide is not a doorway out,

but a path to even deeper despair and confusion…

Recently I read about the suicide of a young man, an actor on a popular television show. His death is the third suicide that I have read about in as many weeks. All three people outwardly seemed to represent the dream of fame and fortune that so many young people hold dear—great looks, stardom, financial prosperity, adoring fans.  They all seemed to be blessed with every requirement to live the good life.

I am extremely saddened by these deaths. I grieve not only for the loss of these young people and their families, but because the road ahead is such a perilous one. Suicide is one of the most misunderstood topics we wrestle with spiritually.  Many people view it as a means to escape painful feelings, illness, hopelessness or overwhelming negativity. They envision it as a way to start over fresh— to leave behind their torment and to begin anew, with an eye toward making less painful choices the next time around. Nothing can be further from the truth!

Any unresolved issue or confusion from this life is carried along with us to the next. We merely step from one side of the veil to the other, bringing all our baggage right along with us. My experience in working with many souls who have committed suicide is that they deeply regret their behavior and wish it were possible to rethink their decision. They suffer even more as a direct result of their suicide, a possibility that never occurred to them before taking their life. In their minds, they wanted the pain to stop; they had no idea that their true suffering had only just begun.

Suicide is one of the few taboos in the spiritual world. Spirit has explained this issue to me very simply: As only God creates life, only God is permitted to take it away. Any time a life is deliberately ended, an immediate karmic consequence is set into motion.  The karmic consequence for suicide is a natural outflow of the Divine law “Thou shalt not kill.” If you kill your body before your designated time to depart this Earth, you will find yourself tied to that decaying body until the exact moment your death would have occurred naturally. Imagine how many years this might be for a young person! Moreover, as you are bound to your body, you are unable to leave the Earth plane.  That means you cannot return home to bliss; you cannot escape anything that goes on here. You will hear all that is said about you, and you will be forced to witness firsthand the pain your death has caused your loved ones. Suicide is not a doorway out, but a path to even deeper despair and confusion.

During our time here on earth, we are given endless opportunities to learn, to heal, and to practice deeper ways to love. If we miss our chance on one occasion, we are given countless other opportunities to understand. Any time that process is stopped abruptly, and short-circuited through something such as a suicide, it means that the entire process will freeze in time and be picked up again in the future. The person will have to go all through the same type of suffering to arrive at the very point they were before they chose suicide. They will have another opportunity to push through the pain and try it again until they ultimately see that emotional pain does not kill us—we can find the internal strength and grace to heal and continue on. Ultimately, all suicide can do, is to give us a painful time out.

When someone dies a natural death, they are immediately reconnected with their family members and friends who are in Spirit form, waiting to greet them. It is a joyful and happy reunion for all concerned. This is not the case for a suicide. They are forced to roam the netherworld between the earthly and spiritual realms, while tethered to their physical remains. They can see and hear the pain, confusion and bitterness of the loved ones they left behind, and yet their loved ones cannot hear them. This leaves the suicide victim in a terrible state of sorrow and frustration.

They don’t understand why their family members are unable to see or hear them. They feel tortured and guilty about the pain and despair they witness. They watch helplessly as their family struggles with police, neighbors, extended family members, acquaintances and friends, all speculating as to how could they be so weak, so hurtful, so selfish, so unfeeling of the impact on their family? Their inability to comfort their family, or to explain their reasons for taking their life, adds additional guilt and suffering. For some, this suffering continues until they are finally allowed to release the earth realm and to return home.

My belief is that suicide never brings the relief that was intended. If more people understood the spiritual laws concerning suicide, they would know that taking their own life could never deliver an escape from pain. If you are connected to someone who has committed suicide, please don’t give up on him or her. They can hear everything you say. Prayer will bring them some small measure of relief.

Although nothing can bring these three young people back, I pray that this tragedy has a higher purpose, and that their woeful tale may help others avoid the suffering that these recent suicides and their families will endure. May God bless them and keep them close, through all their days.

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