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Suicide is not a doorway out,

but a path to even deeper despair and confusion…

Recently I read about the suicide of a young man, an actor on a popular television show. His death is the third suicide that I have read about in as many weeks. All three people outwardly seemed to represent the dream of fame and fortune that so many young people hold dear—great looks, stardom, financial prosperity, adoring fans.  They all seemed to be blessed with every requirement to live the good life.

I am extremely saddened by these deaths. I grieve not only for the loss of these young people and their families, but because the road ahead is such a perilous one. Suicide is one of the most misunderstood topics we wrestle with spiritually.  Many people view it as a means to escape painful feelings, illness, hopelessness or overwhelming negativity. They envision it as a way to start over fresh— to leave behind their torment and to begin anew, with an eye toward making less painful choices the next time around. Nothing can be further from the truth!

Any unresolved issue or confusion from this life is carried along with us to the next. We merely step from one side of the veil to the other, bringing all our baggage right along with us. My experience in working with many souls who have committed suicide is that they deeply regret their behavior and wish it were possible to rethink their decision. They suffer even more as a direct result of their suicide, a possibility that never occurred to them before taking their life. In their minds, they wanted the pain to stop; they had no idea that their true suffering had only just begun.

Suicide is one of the few taboos in the spiritual world. Spirit has explained this issue to me very simply: As only God creates life, only God is permitted to take it away. Any time a life is deliberately ended, an immediate karmic consequence is set into motion.  The karmic consequence for suicide is a natural outflow of the Divine law “Thou shalt not kill.” If you kill your body before your designated time to depart this Earth, you will find yourself tied to that decaying body until the exact moment your death would have occurred naturally. Imagine how many years this might be for a young person! Moreover, as you are bound to your body, you are unable to leave the Earth plane.  That means you cannot return home to bliss; you cannot escape anything that goes on here. You will hear all that is said about you, and you will be forced to witness firsthand the pain your death has caused your loved ones. Suicide is not a doorway out, but a path to even deeper despair and confusion.

During our time here on earth, we are given endless opportunities to learn, to heal, and to practice deeper ways to love. If we miss our chance on one occasion, we are given countless other opportunities to understand. Any time that process is stopped abruptly, and short-circuited through something such as a suicide, it means that the entire process will freeze in time and be picked up again in the future. The person will have to go all through the same type of suffering to arrive at the very point they were before they chose suicide. They will have another opportunity to push through the pain and try it again until they ultimately see that emotional pain does not kill us—we can find the internal strength and grace to heal and continue on. Ultimately, all suicide can do, is to give us a painful time out.

When someone dies a natural death, they are immediately reconnected with their family members and friends who are in Spirit form, waiting to greet them. It is a joyful and happy reunion for all concerned. This is not the case for a suicide. They are forced to roam the netherworld between the earthly and spiritual realms, while tethered to their physical remains. They can see and hear the pain, confusion and bitterness of the loved ones they left behind, and yet their loved ones cannot hear them. This leaves the suicide victim in a terrible state of sorrow and frustration.

They don’t understand why their family members are unable to see or hear them. They feel tortured and guilty about the pain and despair they witness. They watch helplessly as their family struggles with police, neighbors, extended family members, acquaintances and friends, all speculating as to how could they be so weak, so hurtful, so selfish, so unfeeling of the impact on their family? Their inability to comfort their family, or to explain their reasons for taking their life, adds additional guilt and suffering. For some, this suffering continues until they are finally allowed to release the earth realm and to return home.

My belief is that suicide never brings the relief that was intended. If more people understood the spiritual laws concerning suicide, they would know that taking their own life could never deliver an escape from pain. If you are connected to someone who has committed suicide, please don’t give up on him or her. They can hear everything you say. Prayer will bring them some small measure of relief.

Although nothing can bring these three young people back, I pray that this tragedy has a higher purpose, and that their woeful tale may help others avoid the suffering that these recent suicides and their families will endure. May God bless them and keep them close, through all their days.

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A pendulum is a very useful tool that almost anyone can use to get access to his or her deep subconscious (or intuitive) mind. Once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself using one almost daily to help you make better choices. People often ask me to use my intuition to help them find missing items. I tell them that they can do this for themselves, quickly and easily, by using a pendulum. Why rely on me to do what you can so easily do for yourself? I have taught 6-year-old children, and 80-year-olds to use a pendulum. If they can do it, so can you!

Our conscious mind holds all the easily accessed information that we need to pull up at a moment’s notice, such as a phone number or the name of your friend’s child. Our subconscious minds are much deeper, and hold the memory of every experience that you have ever had, whether you recall that experience consciously or not. The ability to reach and pull up these stored memories is why hypnosis works so beautifully to help people recall past events. Both hypnosis and a pendulum work in the same way, by allowing easy access to the deep subconscious or intuitive mind.

Your intuitive mind can tell you a great deal of  important information that you may not consciously know. Some examples are:

Is this vitamin a good supplement for me?

Am I allergic to peanuts?

Did I lose my glasses inside the house?

Is my purse upstairs?

Is it the highest and best thing for me to take this new job?

Will I be happy in real estate school?

Is this brand of vitamin the best one for me to choose?

Keep in mind that a pendulum is merely a way to interact with your own subconscious mind, and cannot tell you how someone else feels. A question such as “Does Johnny want to marry me?” is not going to give you a useful result. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the answer to this question. It can only tell you what you believe the answer is. There is often a great difference between knowing and believing something to be true. Stick to questions that pertain to you personally, and can be answered with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’

You do not need to buy a pendulum. You can easily make your own by using a ring suspended on a string or thread. A heavier ring that has some heft to it works best, and it should be able to swing freely on the chain or string. You may also use a fishing weight, crystal or any other object with enough weight to provide a good swinging arc.

The key to successfully using a pendulum is to begin with a calm, balanced state of mind. Close your eyes, sit up straight, and take a few calming breaths. Allow your mind to clear; tell yourself that you are releasing all thoughts of your busy day. Feel yourself sinking down into a pleasant state of calm assurance. If you are feeling agitated, it may be helpful to use the image of a cooling balm poured over an aching muscle. Try to envision soothing relief calming and relaxing the muscle, as it releases all tension.

Next hold your hand like a gun, thumb upright, pointer finger fully extended, the remaining three fingers tucked into your palm. Holding the thread’s end with your 3 fingers, loop the ring over your pointer finger, and let it hang in front of your hand. The inside of your palm should hold the thread, and the pendulum should hang on the outside (knuckle side) of your hand. The ring, suspended on the thread looped over your pointer finger, should be able to swing freely, without hitting your hand or knuckles. If you keep the thread short– no more than 2 or 3 inches in length– you will find the pendulum swings more easily, and will move less erratically. It takes a much greater effort to move a pendulum suspended from a long chain. Some people find it helpful to rest their elbow on a tabletop to steady the hand holding the pendulum.

Hold your other hand, palm up, about an inch below the hand holding the pendulum. You should be able to swing the ring easily back and forth without touching your upturned palm. Still the ring, so that it hangs motionless over your palm. Now ask aloud, “Which direction indicates a Yes answer?” In a moment or two the ring will begin to swing, usually either side-to-side or front to back. The direction of the motion will show that the answer to your question is ‘Yes.’

Still your pendulum again before asking, “Show me the direction for a No answer.” The pendulum should begin to swing in the opposite direction. For example, if the direction for ‘Yes’ was left to right, then the direction for ‘No’ might be forward to back. Very rarely you may see a diagonal or circular motion, indicating a response of “I don’t know.”

Once you have ascertained which direction indicates an affirmative response, ask a test question that has only one possible reply, such as, “Am I a woman?”  Make sure that your pendulum indicates the right reply for the question. If it does not, start again, check that you feel balanced and calm, and be sure that you are clear about the different directions as indicated by your pendulum. Some people, especially those who are familiar with working with energy, can get a pendulum to swing very easily. Other people may need to practice a bit before they get the hang of it.

Once you have determined how to show a positive or negative response, you are ready to use your pendulum to ask any Yes/No question you can think of. Remember that the pendulum is your way to interact with your own subconscious mind, and cannot reveal how someone else feels.

It may be helpful to narrow the scope of questions when searching for a lost item. In that way you can avoid going through each area room by room. Let’s say you have lost your glasses. Your sequence of questions and possible answers might be:

Have I lost my glasses? (Yes)

Are they in the yard?  (No)

Are they in the house?  (Yes)

Are they on the first floor?  (No)

Are they on the second floor?  (Yes)

Are they in the front of the house? (Yes)

Are they in a bedroom? (No)

Are they in the bathroom? (Yes)

Are they in plain sight?  (No)

Are they underneath something? (Yes)

Are they kicked under the sink?  Yes– Success at last!

If you decide to buy a pendulum, I recommend buying one with a point on the tip. They are much more useful when working with some of the many pendulum charts on the market, which have preprinted replies.  Also, a pendulum with some weight will work better than a lighter one, for it will hang with a more defined center of gravity.

In my opinion, there is nothing mystical or magical about using a pendulum. They are merely useful tools for accessing the deep subconscious or intuitive mind, and are not paranormal in any form.

Walk in Love!

 ~ My Spirit Guides taught me a New Year’s Eve ritual that I have found to be not only a sweet ritual, but a rather healing and hopeful one as well. ~



The beginning of a new year is a time when many people feel they are given a chance to recreate their life. They have another shot at starting a health program, or licking an old habit that they want to release, or perhaps to find the loving relationship that has eluded them. In short, a new year allows us hope for the possibility of a happier life.

I am a big believer in symbolic gestures, for I believe that anything that strengthens our faith in a process can help that process to work better. Many years ago, my Spirit Guides taught me a New Year’s Eve ritual that I have found to be not only a sweet ritual, but a rather healing and hopeful one as well. I share it with you today in hopes that you will dedicate the small amount of time it entails as a gesture to yourself; to demonstrate your loving care and concern about your hopes and dreams for a happier life, as well as your determination to bring forth whatever changes are necessary in your mindset to support that happier life.

The belief behind the ritual is related to one that many of us already hold—that whatever we are doing as the actual New Year rolls in, will set the tone for the coming year. For many years I held a midnight meditation group, in order to ensure happiness and peace throughout the coming year. Similarly, many people attend parties as a festive start to the coming year.

My ritual operates on a similar belief; whatever energy you initially carry into your home on the first day of the New Year will set the tone for the coming year. To ensure a happy year, create a wish box. Years ago, when my child was young, I helped him to make his own wish box. It is a lovely way to help model the spiritual lesson that our intentions do shape our world.

Any box that is sturdy enough to be hidden outside your home and will withstand the elements is fine. It does not have to be a jeweled chest! Add to your wish box items that represent all the energies that you would like to attract in the coming year. Examples are a folded bill or a shiny coin to represent prosperity; a small heart to symbolize Love; a radiant photo of your family to represent health and vitality; an item to represent your spiritual practice, such as rosary or prayer beads; a small token representing peace of mind, such as a dove or rose. The items themselves are representations of the attributes that you hold dear to yourself, so they should be personal and valuable to you. Take some time to ensure that you have gathered all the items you need, and then stow them in your box.

In the evening, before you leave your home or retire, hide the box outside, where it will not be discovered by anyone else. In the morning, go outside and bring the box in as soon as you awaken. Your goal is to make sure that your wish box is the first thing to come over your threshold in the morning.  As you open your box, affirm to yourself that you are calling into your life all the energies contained in your wish box. You will be well on your way to bringing in all that you wish!

With heartfelt wishes for a joyous and peaceful New Year,

Rev Peggy Ray

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Christmas is such a special time of the year. Many of us float through the holidays in search of a modern Norman Rockwell version of Christmas. I have often written of such yearnings within us. You may read my musings in True Gifts of the Heart, and my own updated version of a beloved poem, The (New) Night Before Christmas.

This year I found the poem below, written by Unity poet James Dillet Freeman. I was struck by his gentle wisdom and loving heart, and decided that you would be best served through his lovely words. So Merry Christmas to all– and may the loving breath of the Divine Creator imbue your home, and hearts, with peace and abiding good cheer.

If Every day Were Christmas

By James Dillet Freeman

If every day were Christmas,

how different life would be,

if not one day but all the year

were ruled by charity.

Had we the faith in miracles

a child has Christmas morn,

each day would be love’s manger

and Christ would be reborn

in us again to change and heal

our outworn wars and ways-–

had we a child’s or shepherd’s gift

for wonderment and praise!

Yet every day is Christmas

when we have learned to live

by love’s law, learned not how to get

but only how to give;

and like a child can wonder

and like a child can pray,

but have the grown-up wisdom

to give ourselves away.

centered inlove

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Are you in need of daily healing support? Join our Morning Share Healing Circle.

Are You Suffering? Do you need Healing?

You may be interested in the Morning Share Healing Circle. There is no cost to join the group, and it is open to all. No experience is necessary– only a receptive mind, and a heart that is open to receive. The Circle meets in the privacy of your own home, via conference call, at 10 am EST (New York time), Monday through Friday.

The work varies each day, but we always focus on creating a safe, sacred space for us to thrive in. We lift ourselves with loving, positive affirmations, and deeply relax while listening to guided imagery. Slowly and gently we shift the old beliefs that limit our health and vitality. We become stronger and happier.

The group started because I observed a pattern with my clients and students. They had major breakthroughs when we worked together, but would come back to me suffering anew. When I asked “What happened? Are you doing the homework? Are you caring for yourself as I showed you? Are you doing the energy work?” The answer was always “No.” They had been taught what to do, but failed to do the work long enough to settle into a whole new pattern.

And so I decided to share my morning quiet time to teach them how wonderful it feels to live in a state of Love– to vibrate to it, and to release old pain. I think that when we vibrate to Love, all that returns to us is radiant Love. Initially I set out to just share my daily work, but there have been many positive changes for people, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  The more we lift each other and ourselves up to the light, the more radiant joy we attract.

Many people are reporting tremendous leaps in healing and joy. Here are some comments from members of the group:

WOW!  This group is the most amazing gift in awareness I have ever encountered. I can’t quite believe my luck! Every day a new awareness; a new insight; a new way of seeing what you thought you knew! I’m learning so so much; it’s really working for me.

Peggy has a certain way; an integration of a myriad of ideologies western or eastern, that is seamlessly practical and effective and simple. This will help you now… they are amazing. You really do need some kind of daily practice. It’s like checking your Inbox. Luckily for me and thank you endlessly Peggy Ray, mine is definitely more full of love. Thank you Morning Share.

Simply put, this group is a gift I don’t want to miss. I have learnt so much. The daily practice of this knowledge highlights how close we all are to our best and also how rarely we step into that freedom. Everyday I have been gifted with new awareness, new gifts; in fact, I now see my energy system in a much more simplified but effective way.   —Ruu Campbellruucampbell.com


I listen to Peggy’s morning share every day. I love it as it keeps me grounded, so grateful and living in love. Peggy takes us on a new and exciting adventure every day, where we delve into our hidden depths and emerge in love and radiance to start the day.
–Carmel Greenwood; carmelconcepts.com
The morning share has changed my life. Peggy showed me the way; her love gives me the tools to love myself, so I have peace, strength, health, give love, am loved and feel safe. I feel so good; happy, peaceful, relaxed, which almost never happens for me, safe; and most of all I know I am not alone. Peggy is a true gift from God and I am so honored that she came into my life. The energy from the morning share is so strong it is like a bond that can never be broken.    –Sheri Roose

I do LOVE these meditations and feel that it has helped my life tremendously!  You are so gifted and I am so blessed to be a part of all this!  I always have beautiful visuals/scenes in my heart when I listen to your meditations.  There is always a sense of calmness with love and light! Thank you Peggy again!  —Elma Wright

This Morning Share Group is an incredible way to start your day.  Peggy Ray is an amazing, exceptional, positive energy with an enormous heart. She gives so much of herself, her time, talent, and positive energy.  Thank you, Thank you Peggy, this group is such a blessing to me and every morning I feel like I won the lottery.

Just when the world has beat you down and you are not feeling good enough, she takes you and transforms you into this strong, positive being of light and reminds you that the world needs you to shine. I am so grateful for this special time and the knowledge she has given me.

Everyday a new adventure, a dream, a stroll down the highway of awareness, insight and heart felt intentions, which are sometimes hard to bring to the surface. She paints a beautiful picture of places that you have never been but can’t wait to go back to visit. Then at the end of that journey, not only does she make you feel safe, strong, vibrantly healthy, accepted, and whole again, she then wraps you up in a big fluffy pink blanket of love and sends you off in the world to face another day. —Debbie Trafecanty

If you would like to hear a sample of the group, you can listen to my tape of Deep Forgiveness of Self & Others. It is approximately 50 minutes long, and will give you a very good idea of the type of energy generated in the group. If you have been holding a hurt for many years, this tape will help you to release it. You can also visit my blog to learn a Forgiveness Ritual that my guides taught me.

If you would like a shorter sample, you may like Ask Your Angel. It contains a guided meditation designed to help you connect to your Angel, and to ask any questions you need answered.

The calls vary, from 40- 50 minutes in length. If you would like to join our circle, simply let me know. I will send you the information you need to join us. Please invite anyone that you feel would benefit from the call. The more people holding a sacred space, the more healing energy is generated. If you do join us, or friends do, please let me know so that I can notify you of cancellations or last-minute changes.  I will not give out your personal information.

I hope to share my morning with you soon.

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When we are truly loving and accepting of ourselves, we no longer concern ourselves

with what others do… 

Many of us find it difficult to deal with the negative people we encounter. We struggle with our desire to be loving and kind, and yet often feel that our own peaceful lives are made more difficult by our encounters with people that are selfish, controlling or critical. These types of relationships bring up emotional storms within us. The good news is that because they are rooted in the same cause, they have the same remedy–self-love.

When we are truly loving and accepting of ourselves, we no longer concern ourselves with what others do. If they are loving and supportive to us, we are fully able to receive that, for we understand that we are loving and lovable, deserving to receive Love.

When we are truly loving and accepting of ourselves, if we encounter people who are cunning, manipulative, or not living in integrity, we just recognize that these are people who are not in our soul family. We can clearly see that they are choosing to live a different type of experience than one that resonates with us.  We understand that they are involved in a life game that is not of interest to us. And so we nod pleasantly, allowing them to be who they are and to do what they do, while we move on to another type of experience that does inspire us. For Truth simply resonates within us, and we can feel that vibration, just as we can feel it when someone strikes a note of discord within us.

When we are truly loving and accepting of ourselves, our own loving hearts will attract Love and support to us, and the negative people and drama they bring will fall away. The best thing any of us can do is to work on loving and affirming whom we are, how we want to live, and acting as if we were already there.

~ I am Love, and Love is all there is ~

For more on self-love and changing your focus from others to self, read my blog ✫ Spiritual Growth in Tumultuous Times. For more affirmations for healing and positive living, visit my facebook page.

Walk in Love, my friends!