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 ~ My Spirit Guides taught me a New Year’s Eve ritual that I have found to be not only a sweet ritual, but a rather healing and hopeful one as well. ~



The beginning of a new year is a time when many people feel they are given a chance to recreate their life. They have another shot at starting a health program, or licking an old habit that they want to release, or perhaps to find the loving relationship that has eluded them. In short, a new year allows us hope for the possibility of a happier life.

I am a big believer in symbolic gestures, for I believe that anything that strengthens our faith in a process can help that process to work better. Many years ago, my Spirit Guides taught me a New Year’s Eve ritual that I have found to be not only a sweet ritual, but a rather healing and hopeful one as well. I share it with you today in hopes that you will dedicate the small amount of time it entails as a gesture to yourself; to demonstrate your loving care and concern about your hopes and dreams for a happier life, as well as your determination to bring forth whatever changes are necessary in your mindset to support that happier life.

The belief behind the ritual is related to one that many of us already hold—that whatever we are doing as the actual New Year rolls in, will set the tone for the coming year. For many years I held a midnight meditation group, in order to ensure happiness and peace throughout the coming year. Similarly, many people attend parties as a festive start to the coming year.

My ritual operates on a similar belief; whatever energy you initially carry into your home on the first day of the New Year will set the tone for the coming year. To ensure a happy year, create a wish box. Years ago, when my child was young, I helped him to make his own wish box. It is a lovely way to help model the spiritual lesson that our intentions do shape our world.

Any box that is sturdy enough to be hidden outside your home and will withstand the elements is fine. It does not have to be a jeweled chest! Add to your wish box items that represent all the energies that you would like to attract in the coming year. Examples are a folded bill or a shiny coin to represent prosperity; a small heart to symbolize Love; a radiant photo of your family to represent health and vitality; an item to represent your spiritual practice, such as rosary or prayer beads; a small token representing peace of mind, such as a dove or rose. The items themselves are representations of the attributes that you hold dear to yourself, so they should be personal and valuable to you. Take some time to ensure that you have gathered all the items you need, and then stow them in your box.

In the evening, before you leave your home or retire, hide the box outside, where it will not be discovered by anyone else. In the morning, go outside and bring the box in as soon as you awaken. Your goal is to make sure that your wish box is the first thing to come over your threshold in the morning.  As you open your box, affirm to yourself that you are calling into your life all the energies contained in your wish box. You will be well on your way to bringing in all that you wish!

With heartfelt wishes for a joyous and peaceful New Year,

Rev Peggy Ray

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