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Are You Suffering? Do you need Healing?

You may be interested in the Morning Share Healing Circle. There is no cost to join the group, and it is open to all. No experience is necessary– only a receptive mind, and a heart that is open to receive. The Circle meets in the privacy of your own home, via conference call, at 10 am EST (New York time), Monday through Friday.

The work varies each day, but we always focus on creating a safe, sacred space for us to thrive in. We lift ourselves with loving, positive affirmations, and deeply relax while listening to guided imagery. Slowly and gently we shift the old beliefs that limit our health and vitality. We become stronger and happier.

The group started because I observed a pattern with my clients and students. They had major breakthroughs when we worked together, but would come back to me suffering anew. When I asked “What happened? Are you doing the homework? Are you caring for yourself as I showed you? Are you doing the energy work?” The answer was always “No.” They had been taught what to do, but failed to do the work long enough to settle into a whole new pattern.

And so I decided to share my morning quiet time to teach them how wonderful it feels to live in a state of Love– to vibrate to it, and to release old pain. I think that when we vibrate to Love, all that returns to us is radiant Love. Initially I set out to just share my daily work, but there have been many positive changes for people, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  The more we lift each other and ourselves up to the light, the more radiant joy we attract.

Many people are reporting tremendous leaps in healing and joy. Here are some comments from members of the group:

WOW!  This group is the most amazing gift in awareness I have ever encountered. I can’t quite believe my luck! Every day a new awareness; a new insight; a new way of seeing what you thought you knew! I’m learning so so much; it’s really working for me.

Peggy has a certain way; an integration of a myriad of ideologies western or eastern, that is seamlessly practical and effective and simple. This will help you now… they are amazing. You really do need some kind of daily practice. It’s like checking your Inbox. Luckily for me and thank you endlessly Peggy Ray, mine is definitely more full of love. Thank you Morning Share.

Simply put, this group is a gift I don’t want to miss. I have learnt so much. The daily practice of this knowledge highlights how close we all are to our best and also how rarely we step into that freedom. Everyday I have been gifted with new awareness, new gifts; in fact, I now see my energy system in a much more simplified but effective way.   —Ruu Campbellruucampbell.com


I listen to Peggy’s morning share every day. I love it as it keeps me grounded, so grateful and living in love. Peggy takes us on a new and exciting adventure every day, where we delve into our hidden depths and emerge in love and radiance to start the day.
–Carmel Greenwood; carmelconcepts.com
The morning share has changed my life. Peggy showed me the way; her love gives me the tools to love myself, so I have peace, strength, health, give love, am loved and feel safe. I feel so good; happy, peaceful, relaxed, which almost never happens for me, safe; and most of all I know I am not alone. Peggy is a true gift from God and I am so honored that she came into my life. The energy from the morning share is so strong it is like a bond that can never be broken.    –Sheri Roose

I do LOVE these meditations and feel that it has helped my life tremendously!  You are so gifted and I am so blessed to be a part of all this!  I always have beautiful visuals/scenes in my heart when I listen to your meditations.  There is always a sense of calmness with love and light! Thank you Peggy again!  —Elma Wright

This Morning Share Group is an incredible way to start your day.  Peggy Ray is an amazing, exceptional, positive energy with an enormous heart. She gives so much of herself, her time, talent, and positive energy.  Thank you, Thank you Peggy, this group is such a blessing to me and every morning I feel like I won the lottery.

Just when the world has beat you down and you are not feeling good enough, she takes you and transforms you into this strong, positive being of light and reminds you that the world needs you to shine. I am so grateful for this special time and the knowledge she has given me.

Everyday a new adventure, a dream, a stroll down the highway of awareness, insight and heart felt intentions, which are sometimes hard to bring to the surface. She paints a beautiful picture of places that you have never been but can’t wait to go back to visit. Then at the end of that journey, not only does she make you feel safe, strong, vibrantly healthy, accepted, and whole again, she then wraps you up in a big fluffy pink blanket of love and sends you off in the world to face another day. —Debbie Trafecanty

If you would like to hear a sample of the group, you can listen to my tape of Deep Forgiveness of Self & Others. It is approximately 50 minutes long, and will give you a very good idea of the type of energy generated in the group. If you have been holding a hurt for many years, this tape will help you to release it. You can also visit my blog to learn a Forgiveness Ritual that my guides taught me.

If you would like a shorter sample, you may like Ask Your Angel. It contains a guided meditation designed to help you connect to your Angel, and to ask any questions you need answered.

The calls vary, from 40- 50 minutes in length. If you would like to join our circle, simply let me know. I will send you the information you need to join us. Please invite anyone that you feel would benefit from the call. The more people holding a sacred space, the more healing energy is generated. If you do join us, or friends do, please let me know so that I can notify you of cancellations or last-minute changes.  I will not give out your personal information.

I hope to share my morning with you soon.

For healing affirmations, and to find info re contests and promotions, visit my Facebook page.









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I have had many frantic people contact me this week. They were frightened by the power Mother Nature has shown this past week on the East coast. We had a significant earthquake on the 23rd and Hurricane Irene approaches as I write. Events such as these bring up our latent feelings of powerlessness; we realize that we have little control over the forces of nature. Yet you can always call upon the divine Devas to offer you their grace and protection, especially during times such as these. Devas are the mighty nature spirits– the sprites, nymphs and sylphs who guard all aspects of the elemental kingdom. They are responsible for maintaining and protecting our water, air, animals and earth. Call upon them today, and ask them to keep your home, property and all its inhabitants safe. You’ll be amazed at the difference these little beings can produce in the environment around you.

I would like to tell you a story of an experience I had working with the Devas. Soon after I moved into a new home, three different landscapers informed me that a particular tree on my property was dead and needed to be removed. They claimed it would be a hazard as it could fall at any time due to a dead root structure. I didn’t agree. I could see the energy in the tree still flowing, albeit weakly, and also saw the tree was emanating energy as well. I noticed it held an opossum nest as well as two large squirrel nests. This tree was also the only possible form of shade in an otherwise very sunny yard, and I had a small child with extremely fair skin. I was determined not to let this tree go without a fight!

Not wishing to alarm my new neighbors, I waited each evening until deep nightfall. Then I crept outside, and placed my arms around the tree. I rested my cheek on its trunk, and visualized warm orange and yellow and gold and brown earth energy pouring forth from the ground, surging upward to nourish this beautiful tree. I saw warm orange sap expanding and glowing, moving upward and outward as it brought healing nourishment. I talked to the Devas, and asked them to fully heal my tree, to restore it to full power, so it would shade my son and me in the heat, and continue to provide shelter for small animals. I asked if my tree wished to be loved and cherished again, it would grow back into full vital health, and establish a strong and healthy root structure. I continued this healing work for 3 weeks straight.

At the end of the three weeks my tree was attracting a lot of notice from the neighbors. They all wanted to know how the dead tree had come back to life. Not only was it full of healthy new leaves, but it was now easily identifiable as a Catalpa tree. Foot-long bean pods that looked like giant string beans hung from every branch. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold!

About a month later, in the midst of a warm spring day, I looked out my window and was amazed by what appeared to be snow falling all across the back yard. It was my beautiful Catalpa tree, releasing bloom after snowy bloom as she prepared to enter her full foliage. My yard was soon covered in immense white blossoms, soft and fragrant and unbelievably inviting. My glorious tree and I continued on in this way for many years until I moved from the home. None of the landscapers could ever explain what had happened, but I knew that it had been my Divine Devas at work!*

Excerpted from Spirit All Around, c. Rev Peggy Ray

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Relationships thrill us, heal us, confound us, frustrate us. Every single one of us will struggle with them during the course of our lifetime. Relationships bring us our most profoundly moving lessons in life. The people that we love the most are the ones that we open our hearts to. They may have long ago passed from this existence, and yet we hang on to the old pain, beating ourselves with it again and again.

There is no magic to forgiving and healing the relationships in our lives. Burning a candle cannot heal a pattern of miscommunication and lack of trust. Yet truly opening to forgiveness can do more than heal a relationship– it can heal our broken hearts. We do not need the knowledge, understanding, or cooperation of the other party involved. They do not need to be here with us on Earth, nor do we need to communicate with them physically.

What we do need is a sincere desire to forgive the past hurts, and to heal our pain within. It is possible for us to do this without ever interacting with the other person. Forgiveness does not mean inviting an abusive individual back into our lives. Forgiveness means clearing the residual effects of the pain that we still carry buried deeply within us. We must forgive others for our own sake, not because the other person deserves to be forgiven. We do this in order to set ourselves free.

Hate is a stronger karmic tie than love. What we release in love flourishes in peace. Hate and lack of forgiveness is the quickest way to ensure that we are brought back into contact with the same pattern of energy over and over again. The person we hated may be long gone, but we will attract the same type of person again and again. Some cultures believe that our enemies are reborn to us as our children. Haven’t we all met families where this energy appears to be operating?

My Spirit guides taught me the following ritual many years ago. It is an extremely powerful, but very simple process that even a child can learn. It is designed to help you to forgive and heal any relationship that has caused you pain. I am glad to share it with you now. If you practice it with an open heart, you will notice a difference in the way you think and feel about the relationships that have brought you pain.


Sit comfortably in a chair, with your back upright, and your feet flat on the floor. Breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically for at least five minutes. There is no need to hurry through this exercise. Let your body relax and your breath slow to a peaceful, comfortable rhythm before going further.

Now imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful cocoon of golden light. Let it settle softly about you, comforting and protecting you within its soothing glow. Feel yourself snuggling into it, feeling safe & warmed by its light. Visualize that this is the healing light of God’s love & tender concern for you.

Say the Unity prayer by James Dillet Freeman aloud to yourself:

The Light of God surrounds me
The love of God enfolds me
The power of God protects me
The presence of God watches over me
Wherever I am, God is
And all is well.

Now focus again on the golden light all around you. Begin to draw this healing cocoon of God’s love into your heart. Breathe in, inhaling slowly, drawing it deeply deeply deeply into your body. Let this wonderful healing light fill your heart with warmth and love. Feel it expanding throughout your body, healing any hurt areas within your emotions or heart. Circulate this golden energy all through your body, breathing deeply and easily as you do so. Take as long as you need to allow this energy to flow wherever it needs to.

Now visualize that the person that you are having difficulty with is sitting across from you. They are not allowed to speak to you or touch you without your permission or an invitation to do so. Tell them your truth, as clearly as you can. Tell them about your anger, your pain, the hurt that you feel. Try not to blame them or to make them wrong, but to offer them the simple gift of your truth. Stay centered on your own feelings and pain as well as you can. Say everything you need to say, leaving nothing back. Then recite the following prayer, beginning with their full name:

___________, I forgive you for any pain that you have ever brought to me in this life or in any other life, whether real or imagined, deliberate or unintentional.

I ask that you, ___________, forgive me for any hurt that I have ever brought to you, in this life or in any other life, whether real or imagined, deliberate or unintentional.

____________, I bless you, I release you to God’s care and keeping, and I set us both free.

Now imagine two enormous hands of golden light, palms cupped upward, directly in front of you. Visualize them as huge, tender, loving hands– God’s hands, and they are as big as the room. Release the person and the situation into these beautiful tender hands of light. Just lay it all down into these loving hands. Surrender the other person, your pain, and the entire situation into God’s care and keeping. See yourself being set free as you release this heavy burden. It has taken a tremendous amount of energy to carry this pain. Take a moment to forgive yourself for having had angry or fearful thoughts about the other person.

Draw in another deep breath from your golden cocoon of light, and let the love slowly circulate all through your body, filling the areas that were full of hate just a few moments ago. Breathe deeply and slowly, and notice how light you feel. If you wish, crawl into those loving caring hands and lay your other burdens down as well. Feel these beautiful tender hands gently cradling you, rocking you, comforting you. Stay and rest in this healing peace as long as you need to.

End with this prayer:

Mother-Father-God, I thank you with joy and with gratitude for allowing me to shift, to grow, to heal. I know now that I am not doomed to endlessly hate and hurt. Through your love and tender care I am set free. Thank you for the light of your love as it illuminates my life and heals the wounds within. Amen.

Do this as often as you feel necessary until the situation is resolved. On a soul level we are all connected, so this healing energy will reach the other person, whether they are still on the Earth or have already passed on. No healing is ever lost.


Alternatively, you can listen to my tape of Deep Forgiveness of Self & Others.  If you have been holding a hurt for many years, this tape will help you to release it. This recording was done as part of the Morning Share Healing Circle, via phone, that I offer. The group is free and open to all. This recording  is approximately 50 minutes long, and will give you a very good idea of the type of energy generated in the group.


c. Rev Peggy Ray

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