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A pendulum is a very useful tool that almost anyone can use to get access to his or her deep subconscious (or intuitive) mind. Once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself using one almost daily to help you make better choices. People often ask me to use my intuition to help them find missing items. I tell them that they can do this for themselves, quickly and easily, by using a pendulum. Why rely on me to do what you can so easily do for yourself? I have taught 6-year-old children, and 80-year-olds to use a pendulum. If they can do it, so can you!

Our conscious mind holds all the easily accessed information that we need to pull up at a moment’s notice, such as a phone number or the name of your friend’s child. Our subconscious minds are much deeper, and hold the memory of every experience that you have ever had, whether you recall that experience consciously or not. The ability to reach and pull up these stored memories is why hypnosis works so beautifully to help people recall past events. Both hypnosis and a pendulum work in the same way, by allowing easy access to the deep subconscious or intuitive mind.

Your intuitive mind can tell you a great deal of  important information that you may not consciously know. Some examples are:

Is this vitamin a good supplement for me?

Am I allergic to peanuts?

Did I lose my glasses inside the house?

Is my purse upstairs?

Is it the highest and best thing for me to take this new job?

Will I be happy in real estate school?

Is this brand of vitamin the best one for me to choose?

Keep in mind that a pendulum is merely a way to interact with your own subconscious mind, and cannot tell you how someone else feels. A question such as “Does Johnny want to marry me?” is not going to give you a useful result. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the answer to this question. It can only tell you what you believe the answer is. There is often a great difference between knowing and believing something to be true. Stick to questions that pertain to you personally, and can be answered with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’

You do not need to buy a pendulum. You can easily make your own by using a ring suspended on a string or thread. A heavier ring that has some heft to it works best, and it should be able to swing freely on the chain or string. You may also use a fishing weight, crystal or any other object with enough weight to provide a good swinging arc.

The key to successfully using a pendulum is to begin with a calm, balanced state of mind. Close your eyes, sit up straight, and take a few calming breaths. Allow your mind to clear; tell yourself that you are releasing all thoughts of your busy day. Feel yourself sinking down into a pleasant state of calm assurance. If you are feeling agitated, it may be helpful to use the image of a cooling balm poured over an aching muscle. Try to envision soothing relief calming and relaxing the muscle, as it releases all tension.

Next hold your hand like a gun, thumb upright, pointer finger fully extended, the remaining three fingers tucked into your palm. Holding the thread’s end with your 3 fingers, loop the ring over your pointer finger, and let it hang in front of your hand. The inside of your palm should hold the thread, and the pendulum should hang on the outside (knuckle side) of your hand. The ring, suspended on the thread looped over your pointer finger, should be able to swing freely, without hitting your hand or knuckles. If you keep the thread short– no more than 2 or 3 inches in length– you will find the pendulum swings more easily, and will move less erratically. It takes a much greater effort to move a pendulum suspended from a long chain. Some people find it helpful to rest their elbow on a tabletop to steady the hand holding the pendulum.

Hold your other hand, palm up, about an inch below the hand holding the pendulum. You should be able to swing the ring easily back and forth without touching your upturned palm. Still the ring, so that it hangs motionless over your palm. Now ask aloud, “Which direction indicates a Yes answer?” In a moment or two the ring will begin to swing, usually either side-to-side or front to back. The direction of the motion will show that the answer to your question is ‘Yes.’

Still your pendulum again before asking, “Show me the direction for a No answer.” The pendulum should begin to swing in the opposite direction. For example, if the direction for ‘Yes’ was left to right, then the direction for ‘No’ might be forward to back. Very rarely you may see a diagonal or circular motion, indicating a response of “I don’t know.”

Once you have ascertained which direction indicates an affirmative response, ask a test question that has only one possible reply, such as, “Am I a woman?”  Make sure that your pendulum indicates the right reply for the question. If it does not, start again, check that you feel balanced and calm, and be sure that you are clear about the different directions as indicated by your pendulum. Some people, especially those who are familiar with working with energy, can get a pendulum to swing very easily. Other people may need to practice a bit before they get the hang of it.

Once you have determined how to show a positive or negative response, you are ready to use your pendulum to ask any Yes/No question you can think of. Remember that the pendulum is your way to interact with your own subconscious mind, and cannot reveal how someone else feels.

It may be helpful to narrow the scope of questions when searching for a lost item. In that way you can avoid going through each area room by room. Let’s say you have lost your glasses. Your sequence of questions and possible answers might be:

Have I lost my glasses? (Yes)

Are they in the yard?  (No)

Are they in the house?  (Yes)

Are they on the first floor?  (No)

Are they on the second floor?  (Yes)

Are they in the front of the house? (Yes)

Are they in a bedroom? (No)

Are they in the bathroom? (Yes)

Are they in plain sight?  (No)

Are they underneath something? (Yes)

Are they kicked under the sink?  Yes– Success at last!

If you decide to buy a pendulum, I recommend buying one with a point on the tip. They are much more useful when working with some of the many pendulum charts on the market, which have preprinted replies.  Also, a pendulum with some weight will work better than a lighter one, for it will hang with a more defined center of gravity.

In my opinion, there is nothing mystical or magical about using a pendulum. They are merely useful tools for accessing the deep subconscious or intuitive mind, and are not paranormal in any form.

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