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Christmas is such a special time of the year. Many of us float through the holidays in search of a modern Norman Rockwell version of Christmas. I have often written of such yearnings within us. You may read my musings in True Gifts of the Heart, and my own updated version of a beloved poem, The (New) Night Before Christmas.

This year I found the poem below, written by Unity poet James Dillet Freeman. I was struck by his gentle wisdom and loving heart, and decided that you would be best served through his lovely words. So Merry Christmas to all– and may the loving breath of the Divine Creator imbue your home, and hearts, with peace and abiding good cheer.

If Every day Were Christmas

By James Dillet Freeman

If every day were Christmas,

how different life would be,

if not one day but all the year

were ruled by charity.

Had we the faith in miracles

a child has Christmas morn,

each day would be love’s manger

and Christ would be reborn

in us again to change and heal

our outworn wars and ways-–

had we a child’s or shepherd’s gift

for wonderment and praise!

Yet every day is Christmas

when we have learned to live

by love’s law, learned not how to get

but only how to give;

and like a child can wonder

and like a child can pray,

but have the grown-up wisdom

to give ourselves away.

centered inlove

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Although we hold many different faiths, beliefs, and holiday traditions in our hearts, I believe that the prevailing foundation of all is Love. I am sending this based on my earliest memories, but I am an Interfaith minister, meaning that I honor all beliefs, all faiths, all traditions that others hold sacred. To me, it is all the blessed gift of Love that is sacred Spirit.

And so I offer my own updated version of this familiar poem with my most heartfelt wishes for this sacred time of year.  I hope it will touch your heart.

With much love and my warmest blessings for a Happy Holly season and a bright and wonderful New Year,



The (New) Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse.

Yet I was awash in most palpable fear
The end of the night was too soon drawing near.
I had presents to wrap and gift cards to write
As it was I would not lay my head down this night.

Anger flared inside me; weariness washed through my bones
Why was I facing this night all alone?
A feast yet to cook and so many to please
It hardly seemed fair I had no time for ease.

I hung my head low; I had no time to weep
If I were to hope my commitments I’d keep.
What had changed my old childish joy and delight
To the dread that I wouldn’t survive this one night?

Where was the stillness, the peace I once felt
When in my church pew I had prayed while I knelt?
I clearly recalled the glad tidings and joy
The tenderness I felt for the wee infant boy.

He had come to fill all our hearts with great Love
He had brought us the lesson of rising above.
To help us replace our petty, hurtful spite
To focus instead on goodness and light.

It is easy to do when we remember His claim
That deep inside we are all quite the same.
We all share a burning heart light within
Ignited in us when our lives did begin.

All Masters have taught that compassion is key
Kindness is learned at our own mother’s knee.
Patience and mercy, steadfastness and care
These are the gifts we can all choose to share.

My warmest wishes for you at this holiday time:
Accept all the Love sent to your heart from mine.
Receive it within and let it burn bright
Then pass it to all you encounter this night.

c. Rev Peggy Ray 2010


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