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When meditating recently, my Spirit guides gave me some very important news that they asked me to share, and to tell as many people as possible. Please feel free to share this information with those whom you care for.

Some powerful news

We have been undergoing a very strong ‘hot’ energy over the last two or three weeks. This is the result of a lessening in the layers between the realms of Spirit and our physical world that we inhabit. So many of us have awakened, that the efforts of Spirit to help us transform our lives have magnified.

Those of you who are physically sensitive may have already noticed some effects of the increased energy during the last few weeks. I have had many urgent calls regarding sick children and animals, because their smaller bodies are affected so much more than adults are by the increased energy. Many adults are experiencing headaches and neck pain. Some people feel that they are on the edge of a great transformation, and feel a tremendous sense of dis-ease and dissatisfaction with their daily lives. They have a sense that they are being called for something more, something greater… and they are.

Currently we are in an incredibly powerful period of time. Whatever things you hope to manifest for yourself, whatever changes you seek, are much more attainable during this time frame. Spirit tells me that our abilities to create are 80 to 85% stronger than usual during this period! So please, use this time wisely, to re-create your life into one that you dream of.

Here are some tips to help you:

1.  What would your perfect life look like? Where do you want to be?

2. If I could wave a magic wand and transform just one thing for you, what would you choose? What would you like to release?

3. In the thousands of people I have worked with, I have observed one core truth:

We all seek to live a peaceful life, to feel a sense of connectedness with the world, to love and be loved. What is blocking you from that incredible feeling of peace?

4. It is your right– and your responsibility– to create the life of your dreams. No one else can — or should– do it for you.

5. Don’t squander your energy trying to get someone else to change. True happiness comes from within us, not from what others around us are doing. Focus on what you can change for yourself.

6. Allow your feelings to guide you. Instead of focusing on another person or thing, concentrate on how you want to feel. For example, focus on ” I want to feel recognized and respected for my work. I want to earn a good wage, while performing a job that I love; work that allows me to feel that I am of service to others,” rather than “I want my boss to get off my back and give me a raise.”

7. Once you have spent some time outlining your plan for transforming your life, write it out in paragraph form. Read this to yourself several times a day. At least once a day, close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine this dream life. How do you feel as you enter this beautiful world? Focus on how happy and peaceful you are.

8. I cannot stress enough that you must be willing to allow yourself to deserve and receive this dream life. Affirmations can help. Some of my favorites are:

~ I am open to receive all the good I so richly deserve. ~

~ I am deeply deserving.  I am ready to receive. ~

~ It is my right, and my responsibility, to create the life of my dreams. ~

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